When Your Bike is Your Life. Check out these 5 Apps for Cyclists


If you are a keen cyclist or cycle adventurer and would like to discover new, undiscovered routes wherever you live, why not try out some of these cycling applications?


This German-based company offers a great application and route planner for hikers and cyclists. One of the best features of the app is the option to customise your desired route. As well as the starting point and final destination, you can also the type of the route you want to take: on roads, or on rough single tracks? You will also see suggested levels of experience needed to make your trip, classification of surfaces, an elevation profile, offline maps, voice navigation and, if you opt for the premium version, a weather forecast for your route. Komoot also works as a community app for adventure lovers, enabling you to share routes and photos that you take along your way.

The web application provides a route planner for free; the mobile application offers one region, also at no cost.


The Austrian Bikemap project claims to offer over 5 million bike routes in one single application. The website provides you with country profiles, official routes, top users and recommendations. You can easily choose any type of trip you wish, or try one of the vast number of routes shared by other users. Naturally, Bikemap has its own apps, available for iOS or Android.


Fancy discovering some unique cycle routes in Europe? EuroVelo offers 16 long distance routes across the old continent. Currently, there are well-written route profiles, including maps that mark their stage of development (Certified EuroVelo Route, Developed Route with EuroVelo Signs, Developed Route, Route under Development, Route at the Planning Stage). So, are you interested in Atlantic coast adventures, or in the Iron Curtain Trail? Or do you just want to feel like a quick ride from the Baltic to the Adriatic? EuroVelo is as an excellent starting point and reference map, but you will definitely need some other map application if you decide to set out on any of the routes.


A Czech project from Seznam, Mapy.cz has become one of the most influential tourist map applications and trip planners in Europe. It offers a web framework and mobile application (with full functionality after signing up) for free. Record your activity, get trip recommendations, elevation profiles, weather predictions – everything is included. Obviously, this project has always been focused on the Czech Republic, but now you can also plan your trip across Europe. Want more? Mapy.cz offers also maps for paddlers, hikers and cross-country skiers. Highly recommended, probably essential if you’re travelling or living in the Czech Republic. Available in Czech or English.


BikeMaps.org offers a rather different map for cyclists. It is a crowdsourced tool, focused on cycling safety. It monitors risks and hazards on roads (or tracks) globally. You can filter according to citizen collision reports, citizen near missed reports, cyclist hazards, bike thefts and new infrastructure, and add your own data if anything happens to you.  Mobile applications available.

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