Face Searching: 3 tools you shouldn’t miss


Face searching. You may think that this type of searching doesn’t affect you, but try the following methods and tools and check if (and where) your face shows up on-line, even though you know nothing about it.

Google Face Search

The first, albeit not all that obvious technique, is Google Face Search. It is hidden among the other Google Search Tools, but you need to switch it on with a specific URL extension. Try and write a specific query for the Google Images interface. For example, let’s say that we want to search for Lady Gaga images.

After the first set of results appears, we need to edit the URL of this set and add the following operator at the end of the identifier: &tbs=itp:face. So the whole URL will look like this:


After adding &tbs=itp:face, the Google Tools Face extension will appear.


PimEyes is a successful freemium app in the recognition services market. It allows you to upload an image / photo and check for similarities on the web, i.e. if a similar or the same image / photo exists elsewhere. The free version offers you the results without links to the original sources.


Another nice example of a face recognition service is Betaface, which has a demo version that allows you to upload a photo (or use the URL of an image). The analysis lists many attributes of the face (age, gender, ethnicity, eyes, hair, attractive, etc.) and can be quite useful, even in the free version, for OSINT (open-source intelligence) purposes.