How Far is the South Pole from Your City? Just check WolframAlpha


An interesting question for all professionals not only as an informational adventure. What will help to answer? WolframAlpha.

Za jeho vznikem stojí Stephen Wolfram, počítačový vědec a fyzik, který si říkal, že by šlo se soudobým množství dat, informací a znalostí pracovat rozhodně lépe a zpřístupňovat je v mnohem sofistikovanější formě než ostatní tradiční systémy, např. vyhledávače.

It was founded by Stephen Wolfram, a computer scientist and physicist who thought that it would be possible to work with large amount of data, information and knowledge in a better way and make them available in a much more sophisticated form than other traditional systems, such as search engines.

Example of a query:

What is the biggest city in Brazil?

WolframAlpha vyhledávání
This is a factual piece of information

If you look at the syntax of the query, you can see the reasoning logic of the WolframAlpha system, or its path to resolve the query.

But this is just the beginning. This system will help us solve even more sophisticated problems. For example, does he want to know how far the planet Venus is from Earth today? Just write the following query and you will get detailed information about these objects, including information about the distance: Venus 24 Apr 2020 Or your future days 🙂

Other areas of inquiry that can be searched in the system include, but are not limited to: mathematics, physics, chemistry, food, personal finance, flight information, music theory,…

We will mention WolframAlpha in the future, because it really means a unique way to explore the information world. For example, we will conduct a detailed analysis of usability for business purposes. For example, it is possible to examine national employment, compare the economic level of countries, or simply use this tool to analyse large amounts of data that you supply in a structured form.

Just one easy task for you today. How far is the South Pole from your city? (use WolframAlpha to solve this)

Photo by eliduke