Google Domain and Title #Searching: COVID-19 examples


In a previous article dedicated to introducing google searches, we introduced “phrase” as an excellent tool for narrowing of the resulting set of documents. In this article, we will continue to learn how to use other advanced operators of this search engine. This time we will focus on searching in web document titles, document content, and specific domains.

If we should determine which parts of the document contain content-relevant search information, we can certainly define them as follows: document title, abstract, keywords. Google as a representative of the surface web engine will allow us the first of them.

intitle: operator

Just try to searchi with this operator:

"coronavirus pandemic" OR "covid-19 epidemics"

Of course, there is a great amount of this topics during this time, so we will narrow our query with intitle operators:

intitle:"coronavirus pandemic" OR intitle:"covid-19 epidemics"

site: operator

An because sometime we need information only from a specific institutions, we can just use the operator site and limit our result set to a specific domain.:

intitle:"coronavirus pandemic" OR intitle:"covid-19 epidemics"
intitle: a site:

Now Google result set containing only the records that are on the domain of European Comission.

intext: operator

By analyzing the documents, we have found that some pages containing up-to-date information about the response of EU, including future steps of member states. So if need to make our searches more precise, we add the condition intext. Let’s say that we need to find documents about forecasting the coronavirus pandemic on the EU level:

intitle:"coronavirus pandemic" OR intitle:"covid-19 epidemics" intext:forecasting
Advanced search operator intext


  • Google operators are really helpful when narrowing our searches
  • intitle: searching in the titles of website and other documents
  • intext: must be in the text content of website and other documents
  • site: searching on a specific domain level.