Google Advanced Search Operators: Master Your Search Abilities


When searching on Google, there is a better way how to handle with large amount of your results. Try to narrow your search with the following advanced search operators.

OperatorFunkceQuery example
“phrase”A basic method for narrowing your search. Use quotation marks for phrase searching. The result set must consist of the “phrase”."information ninja"
intitle:Search within the title fields (<title></title> in the HTML source code)intitle:"information ninja"
allintitle:All the words behind this operator will be searched in the title of the website and documentsallintitle:information ninja stream
intext:A condition. The keyword or phrase must be a part of the website or document content.intext:"competitive intelligence"
allintext:A condition. All the words behind this operator will be searched in the text of the website and documentsallintext:pokročilé
operátory Google
inurl:Search within URL addressesinurl:ethical-hacking
inanchor:Search within the hyperlink titles. inanchor:"open source intelligence"
site:Search within all the domain levels (1., 2., i 3. levels)
filetype:Search for specific files (e.g. PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT, etc.)"information overload" filetype:pdf
related:Find related pages
Boolean operator NOT (excluding elements from searches)venus -planet
ORBoolean operator OR (including either one term, or another, or together)jupiter OR mars
(space)Boolean operator AND (both terms must be included in documents)jupiter mars