650m of Tweets per Day? Searching more efficiently on Twitter


If you use Twitter as your communication channel, it would be interesting for you to test the following Twitter advanced search operators. They could be use in the standard search form of Twitter.

OperátorFunkcePříklad dotazu
“fráze“Phrase searching"informatio ninja"
ORBoolean operator OR (including either one term, or another, or together)(competitive OR market) intelligence
Boolean operator NOT (excluding elements from searches)"information ninja" -knight
#hashtagSearching for a specific #hashtag#informationninja
from:The list of tweets from a specific userfrom:in4mationninja
to:The list of tweets reaching a specific userto:google
@Tweets that mentioning a specific user or users@twitter
since:Searching only for tweet that have been published since a specific datedoaj since:2020-04-25
until:Searching only for tweet that were published until a specific datedoaj until:2020-01-01
filter:linksSearching for tweets with hyperlinksdatabase filter:links
?Searching for tweets that representing questionsthe moon ?
:), 🙁Emoticons can be also the part of your search quesrymetallica :)